K-3 Screener

K-3 Screener

PALS is the state-provided screening tool for Virginia’s Early Intervention Reading Initiative (EIRI). The purpose of the EIRI is to reduce the number of children with reading problems through early diagnosis and immediate intervention. By screening K-3 students, participating school divisions identify struggling readers and receive incentive funds for intervention. All students not meeting the Entry Level benchmark for their grade level must receive intervention services in addition to their regular classroom instruction.

Special Education

Since PALS is a school-wide screening instrument for all children in grades K-3, all students, including students with disabilities, are screened. The only exception is students with IEPs exempting them from participation. You should check with the special education teacher assigned to your child if you need clarification as to your child’s status.

Limited English Proficiency

When it comes to screening English language learners (ELL), school divisions should apply the same policies and practices to ELL students that they do with all students.

For more information, please visit the Early Intervention Reading Initiative (EIRI) page on the Virginia Department of Education website: http://www.doe.virginia.gov/instruction/english/elementary/reading/early_intervention_reading.shtml