Instructional Program Review FAQ

Instructional Program Review FAQ


Q: What materials are being reviewed in Cycle 3? 

A: Supplemental Programs (K-8) and Intervention Programs. The next opportunity for review of Core materials has yet to be determined.

Q: What is the application window for program submissions to the Cycle 3 review? 

A: Cycle 3's application window for review of supplemental and intervention materials opens on January 2, 2024. All applications must be submitted by noon EST on January 16, 2024. 

Q: Is there a way to see all that is required for the Supplemental Program submission, since the materials are submitted on several different pages on the website?

A: Yes, please see the link to the PDF: View complete Supplemental Program Submission Form

Q: Is there a way to see all that is required for the Intervention Program submission, since the materials are submitted on several different pages on the website?

A: Yes, please see the link to the PDF: View complete Intervention Program Submission Form. 

Q: Are providers required to submit for all grades, K-8, or can they submit for individual grade(s) (i.e., K only, K-5, or 4-5)?

A: Providers are not required to submit for all grades. You may submit an application for each grade level relevant to your instructional program. Supplemental Programs may be submitted for grades K-8. Intervention Programs are not submitted by grade level. 

Q: The SOL Crosswalk/Publisher Correlation Chart document references Annotated Teacher Editions. Are ATEs required for Phase I submissions, or is it sufficient to provide the exact citation on the worksheet?

A: It is sufficient to provide the exact citations on the worksheet. 

Q: Where can I see the Supplemental and Intervention Instructional Materials Rubrics?

A: The Supplemental Rubric is available here.. The Intervention Rubric can be found here. 

Q: May I submit more than one program application?

A: Yes. You may submit as many program applications as you would like. However, you must complete and submit your first program application before proceeding to your next application(s). 

Q: Can you tell me more about the webinar that providers need to create and submit as part of their application?

A: The purpose of the webinar is to orient the review team to your program, making it clear how to navigate the site, locate evidence provided in your application, and get a sense of how to implement entire units or lessons within your program. After viewing, reviewers should be able to easily find their way through your program and provide a full, comprehensive review of your program. It may be helpful to think of your audience as a first-year teacher, eager to implement your program. 

Q: Is there a character limit to the text fields?

A: No, there is no character limit.

Q: Can we include hyperlinks in the application?

A: Yes, you may include hyperlinks. While they may not appear as hyperlinks in the text field, they will be “translated” as hyperlinks in the final application submission.

Q: I am submitting my supplemental program review for multiple grade levels. I see that Instructional Design (ID) and Usability (U) are required. Do I have to fill out ID and U for each grade level or will one submission suffice? 

A: You may fill out one Instructional Design and Usability application for your program. After completing those two required sections, you will submit one application for each grade level you would like reviewed, in each component (i.e., phonics, vocabulary, writing). 



Q: Can we ship curricular kits and materials to you for review?

A: No hard copies of materials should be shipped. All submissions are digital. Submission of materials either in hard copy or via email will not be accepted.

Q: On the Publishers’ Submission Form, do all ISBNs in our program need to be listed on this form to be included on the Recommended Guide? 

A: To be considered for a Recommended Program Guide, please include ISBNs for all materials that are part of your program.


School Divisions

Q: Our division uses a commercial instructional program for literacy. Do we need to submit an application? 

A: No, proprietary content providers are required to directly submit their materials for review. Divisions are asked to inform potential providers that the division wishes their curricula to be submitted and considered for VBOE approval.  

Q: Our division uses several separate commercial programs that, when combined, include all components of a literacy program. May we submit these as a locally-created curriculum? 

A: If your division is using commercially available products, the best avenue to have those products reviewed is by informing the provider that this review process is underway. Proprietary content providers (not divisions) are required to directly submit these materials for review.   

Q: Our division uses teacher-created materials from a consultant with whom we work. Do we need to submit these materials for review?

A: This review intends to establish a list of programs that align with evidence-based literacy instruction as defined in the Virginia Literacy Act. School divisions are asked to submit any locally created curriculum that the division wants to be considered for VBOE approval.