How can I support my child’s language development? 

How can I support my child’s language development? 

  1. Talking is teaching provides information on how talking helps to build literacy skills.  

  2. Learn Three Steps to Support Language development in this National Center on Improving Literacy video (click “Let's Talk”).

  3. PBS has some great ideas for how to help your child develop speaking and listening skills at home and in the community.

  4. ASHA provides ideas for Activities to Encourage Speech and Language Development.

  5. Zero to Three has some general resources on How to Support Your Child's Communication Skills

  6. The Reading Rockets site includes a list of activities families can do to encourage speech and language development from age 0-6 years old.  

8. The NAEYC provides 12 tips to support oral language development for infants and toddlers.

9. The North Carolina Early Learning Network, via UNC's Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, offers tips on developing rich oral- language  environments for Pre-K and Kindergarten children.

10. The Bridging the Word Gap Research Network provides a list of activities and conversation starters to encourage language development in children from 0- 6 years of age.